Quality Assurance

Quality is a partnership

Summit believes in open dialog to solve problems and continuously improve

Open communication and strict adherence to the quality system are critical to consistently building good product, on time that meets all of the requirements. We treat customers, employees and management as equal team members to hold us to the highest standard of excellence.

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“At Summit Anaheim, a large part of our business is in support of our men and women in uniform. It is of paramount importance that we deliver product that is reliable and compliant to each and every requirement called out by the customer. Our quality system and employees are the foundation of meeting this commitment.”

– Nef Rios, Director of Quality, Summit Anaheim


“We manufacture leading edge PCB designs which makes it critical that every operator ensures the quality of the product from start to finish. We view the customer as a partner in this process and continuous improvement is an integral part of our Quality System. A good quality product is the result of intelligent effort by everyone on the team.”

– Patrick York, Quality Assurance Manager – Summit Interconnect Orange


Santa Clara

“Customers come to us because they need a reliable source for quick turn manufacturing on advanced technology PCBs. Our people are not only trained on how to operate equipment, but to also understand the application of why the process is so important to the end product. This gives them confidence and pride that translates to a high quality finished product that meets all of the customer’s specifications and regulatory requirements.”

– Patricia Stroman, Director of Quality – Summit Interconnect Santa Clara


“A longtime leader in Defense and Aerospace Printed Circuit Boards, our commitment has always been to provide the best equipment, materials, and training available. We employ certified Military and Aerospace Quality Management Systems as well as Statistical Process Controls to reduce process variation, decrease cycle-time and continually improve the overall quality of our products and services to satisfy the demanding expectations of our customers.”

– Ian Hanna, Quality Assurance Manager – Summit Interconnect Toronto

Rapid Response to Your Quality Questions

Our information systems are the backbone to our highly responsive support. Our processes are monitored real time and all documents are scanned into our system to enable instant information on yields, quality records and process readings.

  • ProCIM
  • ERP Anywhere
  • TrueChem
  • Xact
Industry technology and information systems, ProCIM, ERP Anywhere, TrueChem, Xact

We Invest in Best Quality Control Equipment

We depend on good equipment to ensure accurate verification of product quality and provide a feedback loop to our continuous improvement system.

  • AOI
  • Electrical testing
  • Impedance testing
  • Optical coordinate measurement
  • In-house D coupon testing
  • In-house XRF measurement
Industry technology in quality control equipment

Manufacturing High Reliability Products Depends on Proven Procedures and Controls

We are always driving improvement through our company by embracing a culture of quality and lean manufacturing.

  • Kaizan projects
  • Internal audit and corrective action
  • SPC and CPK reporting
  • Regular MRB and Customer Satisfaction meetings

Quality Policy

Summit Interconnect is committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality products, which meet or surpass their expectations and specifications.

Our endeavor to become a world-class manufacturer will be accomplished through continuous improvement programs, lean practices and the continual training of our associates.

The Summit management team will review this policy and its practices annually to assure growth and improvement.

Shane Whiteside
Summit Interconnect CEO & President

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